Budapest Exclusive: SensuTouch & Baang introduction

Private event in Budapest

Purpose: INVITE ONLY - Introduction of SensuTouch & Baang to exclusive artists and models

Date: 26.1.2024 📅
Time: 14:00 🕝 (local time)
Where: Budapest 📍(exact location will be delivered via DM or your email if you're accepted)

Event in:

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All applications will be carefully considered. You will get a reply from our team shortly after. In order for you to be selected, please provide us with your OnlyFans or Instagram link.

What is SensuTouch? 

(The picture above shows SensuTouch girls and their products)

At SensuTouch, we offer custom, ultra-realistic pleasure toys created in collaboration with content creators. We provide fans with unique experiences by producing life-like replicas of creators' intimate areas. Our service includes design, manufacturing, and setting up a dedicated product page for these replicas. We handle all aspects of manufacturing and shipping, while creators promote the products on their channels and share revenue with us. Our products are made with body-safe materials, ensuring high quality and safety standards. For more information, please visit SensuTouch's website.

What is the point of the event? 

(The picture above shows the appartment where we will host our event in Budapest)

The essence of our event in Budapest is to introduce ourselves to new models and offer them an opportunity to create their own intimate area replica with us at no cost. We handle every aspect of this process. For every sale of their personalized model, the models earn 50% (half) of every pussy replica they sell. This initiative is a unique chance for them to engage with their fan base and generate revenue through a distinctive and personalized product.

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What is Baang?

In a groundbreaking development in the adult entertainment industry, SensuTouch, a prominent player known for its innovative products, has recently teamed up with, the largest competitor to OnlyFans in Central Europe.

(The picture above shows user interface of the creator's post on Baang)

Where will event take place? 

The upcoming event will be held in a rented AirBnB apartment located in the center of Budapest. Attendees will be provided with the exact location on the day of the event for security reasons. Our private security will be present to ensure safety. Please note that no content will be shared or recorded without your explicit, signed consent. Our focus is not on video production; rather, the event is planned to be a civilized and respectful gathering.

(The picture above is symbolic and shows approximate location of our event, however it will take place in the Budapest city center)

See you there ❤️

(The picture above was taken on Slovenian erotic fair 2023)

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Find out more in Budapest, 26.1.2024,

SensuTouch & Baang Team, 


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